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Stampable Overlay

Stampable Overlay is a one-component polymer-modified cementitious stampable overlay. When applied with color, stains, and sealers, Stampable Overlay can produce a decorative paving finish like stamped concrete. Typically applied at a 1/4"– to 5/8" thickness, Stampable Overlay is for both interior and exterior use. This can be utilized in new construction and the rejuvenation of the old. 

Spray Deck

Spray Deck is a high strength polymer modified cement based overlay designed to be spray applied and knocked down providing a durable and colorful slip resistant architectural coating. Spray deck is an easy to use just add water system. It is available in a white base, or can be colored on site using tint packs. When applied to a properly prepared substrate, Spray Deck provides a long lasting topping that is cool under foot and easy to clean.

Smooth Microtopping

Microtopping is an ultra-thin concrete topping that can transform structurally sound substrates into colorful surfaces that have great visual results, while delivering exceptional abrasion resistance. Microtoppings can create surfaces with solid color, variegation, marbleized hues and various textures.




ConDecor's ReCoat is a polymer-modified, Portland cement based economical coating designed to re-coat and enhance porous concrete, brick, tile or other hard surfaces. When applied to a properly prepared surface, ReCoat provides a thin durable and wear-resistant decorative finish.

Carvable Overlay