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Integral Color

Integral Color is pigment added to concrete mix before the pour begins, it provides color through and through your slab. Integral color can be used on smooth, broom and stamped surfaces. When concrete is being stamped you may also consider using a colored release agent to add character to your stamp. Using integral color and release will rival the look of stone, tile, brick and rock, all while still having the added benefit of concrete.

Stamp Release Agents

Release Powder and Liquid Release allow stamping tools to produce a clean crisp imprint.  Powder Release produces a natural and realistic color highlight.  Clear liquid release allows for an uncolored surface imprint.  Both Powder Release and Liquid Release are suitable for use on concrete and stampable overlays.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 1.12.45 PM.png


Antiquing is the process of adding naturally mottled and varied highlights to textured concrete, creating a more realistic appearance. Antiquing adds supplementary colors and enhances the appearance of depth.

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