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Cement Powders

Life Specialty Coatings cementitious products are formulated for high PSI applications and blended with a variety of silica sand and proprietary additives.


LD-1 (Gray, Base) is used typically for waterproofing systems & base coats.

LD-2 (White, Smooth) is used typically for smooth finishes, bright or light-colored staining, & texture.

LD-3 (Gray, Texture) is used typically for texturing in a standard knock-down finish.

LD-5  (Light Gray, Fine) is generally used for grout lines, staining dark colors, decorative overlays, texturing, or broom finish systems

LD-10 (Gray, Sloping/Patching) is used typically for sloping, deck repairs, and creating proper water runoff. LD-10 is a dry polymer meaning it only requires water to blend with. 

A-501 (White, Super Smooth) is a micro cement used typically to create a"glass-like" smooth finish. This is perfect for loft living, decorative overlays, countertops, and more. A-501 can be applied in interior or exterior applications for residential or commercial applications and can be pigmented desired color. 

Concrete Finishing Options

The Smooth, Broom and Knock-Down textured concrete decorative overlay systems are cost-effective, cementitious and acrylic system formulated to cover existing concrete surfaces. These systems can change old concrete into a lightly textured finish that can be decorated with stains or protected with a sealer.

Cement Modifiers

LD-81 is a high solids acrylic-polymer modifier that will give increased strength, flexibility and adhesion to most cement based products. LD-81 makes the cement product more waterproof, more stain resistant and will extend its life.


LD-1589 is an acrylic resin designed to absorb into the fiberglass matting and adhere to the substrate or primer coat in the“MC” Waterproofing System and the “FM System”, for waterproofing concrete and plywood decks.

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Crack Patch Gel

Life Deck 7200 Series is a 2-component, heavy viscosity, 100% solids, flexible epoxy patching compound. It provides epoxy high build, maximum toughness, and excellent chemical resistance in a quick-drying paste.

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LD Vapor Barrier

Life Specialty Coatings Vapor Seal is a two component, 100% solids, low viscosity, moisture barrier epoxy primer.

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Acrylic-Urethane Sealer

Life Specialty 4001 (Gloss) and 4002 (Satin) are acrylic-urethane hybrids that are premium quality crystal clear acrylic urethane sealers that provides a tough, durable surface. Perfect for pool decks, walkways, waterproof deck coating systems, and balconies. 

Cool Life 28 Series

Life Deck “28” Series is a Premium, Quick Drying, 100% Acrylic Concrete & Masonry Pigmented Sealer formulated to reflect infrared rays and for sealing concrete and masonry to provide resistance against water, alkalis, acids, UV light and staining. Great for concrete floors, pool decks & patios.

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